True Love…

true love

The True Love Quiz:

Q:  Do you miss him/her when you don’t see him/her every day?

Q:  Do you feel like you are in an endless whirlwind when you are with him/her?

Q:  Do you wake up happy because you know you get to see them in the day?

Q:  Do you love the way he/she spends money on you?

Q:  Do you think about him/her all the time at work/school/driving?

Q:  Does he/she make you think about puppies, walks in the rain, jewelry, and being in front of a fire in a mountain chalet, snowed in for a week?

Okay, I confess.  I ripped off the questions from some internet quizzes.  Most of these quizzes really tell you if you are infatuated.  They are less helpful telling you if you know true love.

Infatuation isn’t bad; for most of us, it’s where love starts.  Infatuation is an intense feeling of passion bordering on obsession.  Infatuation is fun.  Infatuation, however, is like a seed that sprouts quickly, but fades when the sun gets hot.  The root isn’t deep enough (hint:  Jesus told a story about this).

I’ve seen people get infatuated with God.  They have an amazing spiritual encounter.  That’s good.  It’s fun.  Their encounter opens their souls to God.  But passion fades.  The root never gets established.  Their relationship with God fades to a memory.

True love is not just burning passion, whether we are talking love for God or love for each other.  True love is the sharing of yourself and being selfless.

This is the love Jesus has for us:  “…the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many (Mark 10:45).”

Try this True Love Quiz:

Q:  Do you love to serve him/her?

Q:  Does it bring you joy to yield to his/her wants?

Q:  Would you rather give a present to him/her or receive a present from him/her?

Q:  Can you let him/her share anger, sadness, fear, disgust, and joy with you?

Q:  What are you willing to sacrifice for him/her?

When I look at couples that are truly in love, I see giving, sacrifice, and maturity.  Love is wanting something for someone, not wanting something from someone.

All this applies to God’s relationship with you.  God wants something for you.  God wants to give you grace, forgiveness, and peace.

A True Love relationship with God happens when you love God back.  You want something for God, not just something from God.  You want to give to God, serve God, and be vulnerable with God.

Check your relationship with God.  Is it true love?