18 Things It Means To Be an Easter Person …

Easter People

To be an Easter Person means:

  1. I know Jesus has already fought and won my battles for me.
  2. I live in confidence, because no matter what happens, Jesus has me.
  3. I spend time each day with this mental picture in my soul: I’m standing with Jesus, looking back over my life (even the parts I haven’t lived yet).  Jesus is pointing out where he fought for me and I didn’t know it and I will see all the anxious energy I expended in worry over nothing.
  4. I live without shame, because I am forgiven for everything I have ever done, am doing, or will ever do.
  5. I don’t have to live up to someone else’s standard; all I have to do is follow Jesus.
  6. I stop defining myself as a “good” or a “bad” person.  I am simply a forgiven follower of Jesus.
  7. I give generously because I trust my God will supply all my needs in Jesus.
  8. I want to bring resurrection hope to other people.
  9. When someone I love dies, and that person was a follower of Jesus, I rejoice even though I grieve.  I know all followers of Jesus are enjoying His presence.
  10. When I approach death, I will be confident, because I know I am going to my Father’s house in heaven.
  11. I love my enemies, because I know they are merely acting out their own darkness and pain.  I pray for them to know Jesus.
  12. I don’t have to the smartest, the best, the most attractive, the strongest, or the center of attention.  I am simply the loved child of my Father.
  13. I take time to be still and know the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life.
  14. I see signs of resurrection all around me.
  15. I can be patient.  Everything doesn’t have to be done today because my God will redeem all my time and make it count.
  16. I don’t have to win.  Jesus already did.
  17. Whatever tempts me, its power pales in comparison to the power of the Risen Lord.
  18. I don’t have to worry about my life counting for something.  Jesus already decided it did.

My goal each day of life is live as an Easter Person, living in the power, grace, and hope of the Risen Lord.  How about you?