Sitting in the Pilot’s Seat…

f-16 cockpit


We filmed a segment for At the Movies today at Shaw Air Force Base.  Through the gracious provision of Dan Tindall, one of our members, we were able to use the training mockup cockpit of an F-16.

I had to take a moment out of filming to sit in the cockpit.  Even though it wasn’t a real plane, it felt real.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  There are so many buttons, so many things to look at.  The control handle to fly the plane was off to the right.  I gripped the “stick” and just for a moment imagined flying an F-16.  It was a cool daydream, a wonderful moment of fantasy.

Then my reality gear took hold:  What if I was really flying an F-16?

A little background:  I got my pilot’s license in college.  For a few years, I few small Cessnas and Pipers.  Then I got married, had kids, and realized I wasn’t a good enough pilot to keep flying (I wasn’t wealthy enough either).

Going from a Cessna 172 to an F-16 (even a mockup) is like going from a tricycle to a Porsche.  The principles are the same, but the power is different – exponentially.

It’s easy to sit in the pilot’s seat of your life and think you’ve got it all under control.  You seen others pilot their own lives; how hard can it be?

Maybe you can be in control of your life when you are living straight and steady, but what about when you have to land?  Or make a decision?  Or face an attack? Or try to make a quick change?

There is more power in your life than you know.  You have the power to hurt yourself with poor decisions.  You have the power to hurt others.  You have the power to get out of control.  You can get overwhelmed.  Your power can get out from under you.

It’s a nice fantasy to believe you can get good enough one day to handle life on your own.  I’m not sure any human being ever gets that good.

The one sure-fire solution?  Put Jesus in the pilot’s seat.  He can see what you can’t.  He knows exactly how life operates.  He can respond to an attack faster than you can.

How do you put Jesus in the pilot’s seat?  Simple.  Pray, “Lord, not what I will, but your will be done.”

Then get out of the seat.  Let Jesus pilot your life.

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