I Want to Matter to Someone…

do i matter

I hate being treated as a number.  You know those places that have the little machine that says “take a number?”  I avoid those places as much as possible.

I don’t think anyone wants to grow up and be a number.  Did anyone ever dream: “I’m the 43rd employee of this company?”  Or “I can’t wait to be the 18th girl he sleeps with.”  Or “I’m the 45th patient the doctor has seen today.”

That’s why we try to leave our mark. We carve initials in trees, put locks on bridges, and write our names in concrete.  That’s why we get mad when someone we love doesn’t call.  That’s why we are hurt when someone doesn’t notice we are struggling.  We want to matter to someone.

It’s easy for human beings to get overwhelmed with tasks, schedules and life.  And human beings have a limited capacity to meet another person’s needs for significance.  We’ve all been friends with that needy person who never can get enough affirmation or attention (Free advice:  If the last sentence describes your current boyfriend/girlfriend – run away.  Now.).

Realizing every human being has limitations means it only makes sense to seek your significance from an infinite being, someone who never runs out, who never gets tired.  Someone who has unfailing compassion and never ending grace.  Someone like God our Father.

God shows you how much you matter when through Jesus, the Son, he gave his life for you and defeated death for you.

To find your significance in God means you let him render the verdict on your life.  He determines if you are a good parent, spouse, or friend.  If you follow Jesus, then all the validation you ever seek will come.

You do matter to God; make sure he matters to you.

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