Every Journey has a Starting Point


Every journey has a starting point:

  • Every relationship began with a conversation.
  • Every job had a first day.
  • Every change in behavior had first uncomfortable moments trying something new.
  • Every building started with an idea.
  • Every degree was preceded by a first day of class.
  • Every trip to Disney started by pulling out of the driveway.
  • Every divorce started with a question.
  • Every meal began with a recipe – some of them even written down.
  • Every career started with curiosity.
  • Every sermon starts with the realization that Sunday is coming, ready or not.

Look in the Bible.  People there have starting points too:

  • Noah had to cut the first board to build the ark.
  • Abraham made to take the first step to go to the land God showed him – telling Sarah they were moving.
  • Moses had to throw down his rod to find out God’s power.
  • Joshua had to march around Jericho seven days to find out God would fight the battle.
  • Ruth had to sneak up to the threshing floor and lay down beside Boaz to find out if he was interested in marriage.
  • David had to take the first step out from the Israeli lines of battle to meet Goliath.
  • Solomon made his first decision before he was known as the wisest man who ever lived.
  • Peter, James, John, and Andrew had to take their first step away from their boats to follow Jesus.
  • Paul had to confess he believed in the Jesus he thought he was a fraud before he could become a great missionary, theologian, and evangelist.

Too many people, I think, only focus on the finish line. They are overwhelmed before they begin, and feel defeated.  They never start the journey of transformation.

Jesus didn’t ask you to take a next leap.  He invites you to follow Him and that starts with a next step toward Him.

So what’s your starting point?  What’s your next step?

  • Decide for Jesus.  Decide to follow him.
  • Talk to someone about your decision for Jesus.
  • Be baptized.
  • Spend time getting to know Jesus.
  • Learn to do life in community with believers.
  • Learn to love people.
  • Learn to love enemies
  • Make friends who will be there at 3 AM for you.
  • Heal your hurts.
  • Call a counselor.
  • Tell someone the truth about your world.
  • Grow character habits.
  • Pray for a minute.
  • Read one story in the Bible every day.
  • Give something.
  • Tell someone your story.
  • Do an act of kindness.
  • Serve in a systematic way.

You have a Starting Point.  You have a Journey.  You have a next step.sp-background

Let’s get started.

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