21 Weird Things About Hell



People have wrong ideas about hell.  Here are some teachings of the Christian faith you may not know:

  1. God doesn’t send people to hell.  They choose to go because they don’t want to be in His presence forever.
  2. There will be a lot of religious people in hell because they knew about God, but they did not know God.
  3. Satan is not in charge of hell.  He is one of the occupants, experiencing the torture of his own fragmented self.
  4. Hell is a riot – because no one can agree.
  5. You want to see hell in miniature?  Look at someone torn apart by addiction of any kind.
  6. People in hell blame other people for not giving them enough information.
  7. People in hell blame God for putting them there.
  8. The fastest way to hell is denial.
  9. In every story Jesus told about hell, no one asked to get out.
  10. Hell is the continuation of your fragmented soul forever.
  11. The fastest way to hell is denial.
  12. Why is hell a place of fire?  Because fire dis-integrates.  Hell is a place of dis-integrated souls.
  13. Hell has no mercy, no love, no grace, no forgiveness, no beauty, no joy, no gentleness, no self-control.
  14. There are degrees of hell, just like there degrees of soul separation/fragmentation.
  15. There is no time in hell.  So while heaven is a place of joyous discovery, hell is a place of frozen self-centeredness.
  16. There has to be a hell.  To force someone to have intimacy with you is rape.  God will not rape your soul.
  17. The sin that blinds most people to the danger of hell?  Self-righteousness.
  18. Any who is happy about people going to hell is in danger of going themselves.
  19. The frustration of hell for those who are there is they experience the reality they choose and their limited power to change it.  People in hell might be still trying to fix themselves.
  20. God doesn’t want anyone to go to hell and paid the highest price so people could have a choice.
  21. People still choose to be away from God in spite of God’s offer of grace.  As Dallas Willard said, “Hell is the simply the best God can do for some people.”


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