God’s Answer …



When you dream for God, it is a risk.  You think you are hearing from God, but you aren’t quite sure.  There comes a moment when you have to step out in faith.  This is scary: you are out on a limb and you don’t know if it will work or if you will look like a fool.

I imagine this is how Moses felt on standing before Pharaoh: “Did I really see that bush or was it my imagination?  Is Pharaoh really going to listen to me?”

I imagine this is how Peter felt the first time he tried to cast out a demon in Jesus’s name: “Did Jesus really say I could do this?  What am I supposed to say?  What if nothing happens?”

You have felt this way.  The words “Will you marry me?” are halfway out of your mouth when you wonder if God really told you she is the one.  What will she say?  What if God didn’t talk to her!

Maybe you thought you heard a whisper from God to lead a group.  On the first day, a few people show up and you crack a joke to put everyone at ease.  No one laughs.  You look like a fool and wonder what you have gotten yourself into.

Remember this:  Fear doesn’t get the last word; God does.

I admit to doubts and worries when we begin thinking about Pocalla Church.  I worried about the money; God provided it.  I worried about getting enough volunteers; God called them.  I worried about space; God arranged it.  I wasted a lot of worry for nothing.

Sunday, God gave us His answer to our leap of faith.  His answer was 280 people showing up for the first public service.  Thanks be to God!

God answered Moses, destroyed Pharaoh’s will and his army, and set His people free.  God answered Peter, and even the demons were obedient when they were rebuked in the name of Jesus.  God answers you and she says “yes” when you pop the question.  God answers you and that group that didn’t laugh at your joke ends up creating a new circle where people know church is a place of grace.

I think God has more to say to us about being one church with multiple locations.  But for now, He has answered our worries and questions about Pocalla with a resounding, “YES.” 

This first step has worked, but there is a next step for us.  No matter what faith challenge God puts in front of ADBC, always remember fear doesn’t get the last word; God does!  No matter what faith challenge God puts in front of you, always remember fear doesn’t get the last word, God does!

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