The Holy Spirit…

Reactions I have noticed when you mention the Holy Spirit:

  • Baptists – “We want the Holy Spirit to move, just not in such a way that we lose control and people think we are dancing.”
  • Presbyterians – “We believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We know what the Father does and what the Son does.  We are still waiting for John Calvin to tell us what the Holy Spirit does.”
  • Lutherans – “Holy Spirit, speak to us. You have exactly 17 ½ minutes.”
  • Catholics – “Without incense, there can be no moving of the Spirit.”
  • Methodists – “We are a denomination founded on a great movement of the Spirit. We hope it happens again someday.”
  • Episcopalians/Anglicans – “We will earnestly talk about seeking guidance from the Spirit. One day, we’ll get around to earnestly listening too.”
  • Pentecostals – “If the Spirit does not cause you to lose control, you aren’t really saved. Did you hear that Baptists? You aren’t really saved!”
  • Millennials – “Isn’t the Holy Spirit like the same as the Force?”

Okay, maybe I’m not as funny as I think.  But this is reality – the Holy Spirit is God, up close and personal.  That can be frightening.  It can also be the best news ever.  It really depends on the true desire of your heart.

Which leaves one question: Is the true desire of your heart to have God up close and personal?

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