What’s ahead for 2017?

What’s ahead for 2017?


  • The big news is we launch Pocalla Church on February 5th. We will commission our missionaries this Sunday and Monday in each worship service.  This is our first site beyond the Loring Mill campus, but I’m praying for more opportunities to launch campuses.
  • On the preaching/teaching schedule: New series starts Sunday/Monday, “It’s for You.” It’s all about hearing God speak to you.  In February we’ll do a series on how complicated relationships are called “Love Stinks.”  That will be followed by “I Object,” a series answering the most common objections to the Christian understanding of God.  Other series include teaching on Jesus being the King over death; the life of Paul; and understanding the character of God.  PLUS we are trying something new this summer: “At the Movies” – using four movies to understand Biblical truth.
  • New opportunities for LIFE Groups will roll out for Sunday and Wednesday. We’ll have different entry opportunities in the Winter, Spring, and Fall.  If you have only been in the rows at ADBC, it’s time to get in a circle!
  • Opportunities to serve at the Loring Mill campus will open up as many key volunteers go as missionaries to Pocalla Church. God is calling you to serve!
  • Mission Trips to New York, Haiti, and Honduras. You can go share, change someone’s life and change your own.

What’s ahead for you?

This is the hard part.  I don’t know and neither do you.  God will give you opportunities to grow your soul, but that doesn’t mean you will take any.  God will give you time to prepare for coming storms, but that doesn’t mean you will.  God will want to speak to you, but that doesn’t mean you will listen.

Every new year provides a moment for you to think about what you will do with the next 365 days as we take another lap around the sun.  Let me lovingly challenge you to grow your soul, prepare for coming storms, and listen to God when He speaks.  He wants something for you, not from you.

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