One Sentence Stories with a semi-colon

Telling your faith story doesn’t have to be complicated.  Think about a sentence with a semi-colon. You remember the semi-colon don’t you?  It is an article of punctuation that divides a sentence.  In essence, a semi-colon drives the sentence in a different direction.

You can tell your story of Jesus in one sentence with a semi-colon.  This is my life without Jesus; this is my life with Jesus.

This is my one sentence story:  I grew up without a Dad; Jesus became love, security and a guiding voice for me.

Is there more to the story? Yes.  But in one sentence I’ve given you the essentials of my story with Jesus.

Here are some other examples:

  • I was addicting, destroying  myself; Jesus healed me and made me healthy.
  • I was a bored rich guy; Jesus moved me from success to significance – Bob Buford.
  • I screwed up my life; Jesus found me and I found grace – Chuck Colson
  • I was angry and bitter because my husband left me; I found out Jesus loves me and accepts me.
  • I followed Jesus since childhood; now He helps me cope with a difficult marriage.
  • I was looking for love in all the wrong places; then I found Jesus and found love in the right place.
  • I’ve always known Jesus; He gives me courage to do what everyone tells me I can’t do.

What’s your one sentence with a semi-colon story of Jesus?  Share it with someone who needs to hear your story.

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