How to Start the Week After Thanksgiving


Most of us come to the Monday after Thanksgiving with looming dread.  We’ve been on a four day orgy of food, shopping, and football.  People who really have it together also have their house decorated for Christmas.  But Monday comes knocking relentlessly, telling us that school has to be finished, projects put on the shelf must be brought off and pushed to completion, and deadlines still loom.  Monday has a way of squeezing gratitude out of our souls.

You and I need to rebel against letting Monday rob us of gratitude.  Everything you were thankful on Thursday is still in effect:

  • God is still in control.  He is gracious and kind, forgiving and patient. Aren’t you grateful?
  • You are still alive. Your life is gift, every day of it.  Aren’t you grateful?
  • Not only are you alive, you still have mission, a purpose.  God made you for a reason.  That reason still stands.  Aren’t you grateful?
  • God is putting people in your life to care for you and for you to care for.  Aren’t you grateful?
  • Our good God made the world to have colors like orange, yellow, and red.  Autumn is the time to remember to thank God for unnecessary colors.  Aren’t you grateful?
  • Our good God also made food taste good.  Think about it.  He could have made everything taste like liver.  Instead, He made: sugar to sweeten tea with; guavas; ribs; steak; potatoes that can be mashed, baked, or boiled; oranges; tangerines; peas; chocolate; chicken that can be baked, fried, or grilled; butter; bread; corn on the cob; broccoli; tomatoes; cucumbers; and my sister’s coconut cream pie.  Aren’t you grateful?
  • Our good God made you so you would recognize a loving touch, be wary of an angry voice, and want to smile at babies.  Aren’t you grateful?
  • For both Gators and Gamecocks, God made next year a hope.  Aren’t you grateful?

The point of this is to remind you to stay grateful my friends.  Thanksgiving isn’t just a day; it’s a way of life.

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