Random Post Election Thoughts …

This week, after this divisive election, some of the random thoughts that have popped into my brain:

  • I was proud to stand in line peaceably for an hour to vote.  No one threatened anyone.  There were no guns.  No one looked over my shoulder  There was joy in getting ready to express our convictions and a respect for others.
  • God has trusted me to be an American.  Most of the people in the world do not get to choose their national leadership.  We do.  What an amazing privilege.
  • I feel uncomfortable with some pastors and young ministerial students who are exalting in the election results.  How do you reach all the people Jesus loves if you throwing election results in their face?  I remember what Paul wrote in Romans 15:2, “Each of us must please our neighbor for the good purpose of building up the neighbor.”  I don’t want to do anything to put a barrier between someone and Jesus.  I want to find ways to build up my neighbor so he or she finds Jesus.
  • I loved seeing so many people post on Facebook they were praying for our country.  I think we need to pray for our leaders and our country every day.
  • It is a hard thing to be a humble expert.  Maybe some of the good to come out of this election will be for the political class to be humbled again (see Dewey versus Truman, 1948).
  • I feel sad for people who find the meaning of life in how their candidate does.  It means their life is too small; they need to find their purpose in Jesus.
  • On Wednesday I had one person approach me saying “We won!”  Another came up to me and said, “We lost!”  My first thought for both was, “What do you mean ‘we,’ Kemosabi?”  I hope this is a sign that as a pastor I was able to teach the truth of Jesus.  It’s not my job to tell anyone how to vote; it is my job to tell you to pray and trust God.
  • I see many people calling for the hate to stop.  Hate doesn’t stop until it is pushed out by the love and grace of Jesus.  That’s why you often see the irony of those calling for the end of hate hating the people who hate.  It’s the circle of sin, the story of human beings.  It is why the intervention of Jesus is crucial.
  • Be careful before you say the last eight years or the next four years were or are “god-forsaken.”  Our God can work good in all things and in all places.  He used Kings like Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus to do His will.  Someday we will see how He used President Bush, Obama, and Trump.
  • Don’t cut off friendships because of politics.  Remember, “a friend loves at all times (Proverbs 17:17).
  • My dog was pretty content on Wednesday.  I think he trusts me to take care of him no matter who the president is.  My dog is teaching me to trust my master to take care of me, no matter who the president is.

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