The Morning After …

The morning after the election, according to Facebook:

  • Best line: “What are we going to talk about now?”
  • Most un-Christ like response: “I’m so happy!  I hate Hillary.”
  • Best sentiment: “I didn’t vote for Trump, but now he is my President.”
  • Best perspective: “I woke up periodically through the night and checked in with my Heavenly Father.  Every time I checked, He was still on His throne.  I’m good.”
  • Most repeated phrase: “One nation, under God…”
  • Line that made me smile: “If you vowed to move to Canada if Trump won, please contact me.  I’m a realtor.”
  • Best reminder: “Whatever happened to ‘They will know we are Christians by our love?’”
  • Best promise: “I did not want Trump to be my President, but I will not demean, insult, or belittle him.”
  • Best reality check: “This election did nothing to change the spiritual needs of our country.  Keep praying.”
  • Best chill pill:  “Xanax prescriptions up 2700% Nationwide tomorrow.”
  • Best sudden shift: “Who’s ready for Christmas?”
  • Best stock tip: “By stock in U-Haul.”
  • Best reminder from a pastor friend of mine: “Best news of the week: We baptized 6 new believers Sunday!”
  • Best question: “Is this what Truman vs. Dewey felt like?”
  • Most frightening thought: “Florida legalizes medical marijuana.”  (knowing people in my home state, I’m not sure this is a good idea).
  • Post to stake your life on: “No matter who is President, Jesus is still my King.”

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