4 Things Jesus Taught Me at the Florida-Georgia Game

My son and I had the opportunity to go to the Florida Georgia Game in Jacksonville this past weekend.  I couldn’t help but be aware of some things Jesus was teaching me when we walked through the crowd and sat in the stands:

  1. A lot of people live for college football so they have an excuse to party and drink.  I’m not judging, but I couldn’t help but wondering if for some, this was their church:  There was fellowship (tailgating); singing (“We are the Boys from Old Florida…” plus some Georgia song I didn’t catch); praise (“Did you see that tackle!”); and even a sermon or two (“That coach ought to run wide right, there’s an room on the edge”).  I’m not saying church ought to be more like a ball game, but there was  lot more passion at “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” than in some churches I’ve been in.
  2. If you lead, people will have opinions of how you are doing.  Most of the critics have never played the game or coached a down.  So don’t let the critics call your plays.
  3. I saw a lot of women dressed in a way to highlight their sexuality.  I could sense Jesus wanting to speak to them, “You are so much more than your looks.  Don’t equate your value with male approval.”  I hope they could hear His gracious voice.
  4. Jesus loves everyone in the stadium, no matter which team they pulled for.  To be His follower, I need to love everyone in the stadium too, even the drunk guy in front of me who won’t sit down.  Loving people isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.


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