No One Is An Object…

By now, everyone has heard about Donald Trump’s indefensible remarks about women.  His defenders have said that such talk is common in locker rooms across the country.  Maybe.

Comments such as these shift people from the category of being a “soul” to the category of being an “object.”  God did not make us to be objects.  We are not just our bodies, or our minds, or our talents, or our performance.  We are souls, created by God, valued by God, loved by God.

If you are a Jesus follower, you must see all people as souls.  Every life has value, whether it is the new born baby, the porn star, the football lineman, the neighbor across the street, or the parent with dementia.  God values everyone.

At the very least, we who follow Jesus must deal with our fellow soul travelers by being Jesus to them – extending to them love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control (yes, ripped off from Galatians 5:22-23).  You cannot treat people as objects under any circumstance while following this path.  This is a radically counter-cultural way to live, but it is the way of Jesus and it is to be the way of His followers.

Has Hillary Clinton every objectified people? Yes.  When she has spoken of people who are Clinton-haters, she categorizes them as objects.  Jesus doesn’t approve of this either.

Have I ever treated people as objects?  Yes.  When I face this in my own soul, I must confess and be humble.  To confess is not to compare and say, “Everyone else has done this.”  We cannot say, “But compared to his sin, mine is not as bad.”  With transparent souls, we seek God’s healing grace so we know forgiveness and our souls are healed.

Has Donald Trump done this?  Only God knows.  Has Hillary Clinton done this?  Only God knows.

Have I done this?  Have I confessed my sin of treating people as objects?  That’s what counts.  Have I asked Jesus to help me see people not as objects, but as souls needing grace?  That’s the prayer I need to make in my journey to be just like Jesus.

(And yes, I deliberated wrote and posted this before the debate Sunday night)




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