Why God Makes You Wait…

Have you ever wondered why God makes you wait?  God does not deliver in two days like Amazon Prime.  Why?

Sometimes God makes us wait because we are not trusting.  When we do not trust, we feel tension.  Our requests are really pleas to relieve our inner tension.  We falsely think that God is supposed to make us comfortable.  Tension isn’t relaxing; but it is an opportunity for faith.  In the midst of the tension, have faith.

Sometimes God makes us wait because we are not ready to receive.  God wants to bless us, but there is a major spiritual issue we haven’t dealt with; or there is a priority we’ve let slip; or we need to grow some character to be able to handle what God wants to give us.  When this is the case, God will make clear the growth step that is required, if we listen.  When the growth step is clear, do it!

Sometimes God makes us wait because His timing is better than ours.  God sees how the whole picture will unfold.  If He sends the blessing now, other pieces of the puzzle will not fit.  This is often His concession to us, His way of understanding our limited ability to see the whole picture.  Ask God to help you see more of His picture.

Sometimes we think God is making us wait when God is actually telling us “no.”  You may be praying for someone to fall in love with you and think God is telling you to wait, but He is actually saying “No, she/he is not the person for you.”  Ask God to help you accept His will and His “no.”

Sometimes God makes us wait because He wants to make it clear that He is the one who makes the promise come true.  If God gave us the fulfillment of His promise as soon as we asked, we would be tempted to think we controlled Him.  Or we would think it was our actions that made things happen.  Ask God to remind you of the ways He is in control.

Sometimes God makes us wait because someone else isn’t ready.  This is hard.  We’re ready, God’s ready.  But someone else is involved.  This is hard, especially if we can identify the other person and know what they need to do to be ready.  Even if they never take that step of readiness, God will find a way to work His plan.  When this happens, pray for the other person.

Sometimes God makes us wait for reasons unknown.  Isaiah cries out, “His understanding is beyond searching.”  God’s ways and timing can be mystery.  Our minds are not all knowing and we are not all powerful.  When you can’t find any other reason why God asks you to wait, stand before His great power and knowledge and honor Him as the God who is infinite, and therefore beyond understanding.

While you wait, remember these other words of Isaiah: “They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like Eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

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