Respect the Office

Let me get something off my chest.

Our President has endured some harsh criticism at home.  Some of it is justified, as it would be with any president.  Some of it is politics – people will say anything to get a vote these days.  Some of it is just cruel.

Recently, when the President landed at the G-20 Summit in China, the Chinese failed to have the airplane steps in place.  Then the President of the Philippines called our President the son of a wh—.

I vividly remember my Aunt Ouida saying, “Nobody talks about our family, but our family.”  It’s one thing to have a debate amongst ourselves; it is another to make unfounded accusations that others pick up.

There was a time, not so long ago, when we all understood that even if you didn’t respect the man in the office, you still respected the office.  As our culture has come to respect authority less, this too is eroding.

Here is our mistake:  We think no one is listening.  We assume it’s okay if we call our President names, but then we are surprised when abuse is heaped upon him overseas.

I think we need to respect the office.  Whether Democrat or Republican sits in the chair, I think we should honor the person who holds the office, who accepts the tremendous responsibility of leading our country and representing us to the rest of the world.

I have not agreed with everything President Obama has done.  I didn’t agree with everything George W. Bush did, or Bill Clinton, or George H.W. Bush, or Ronald Reagan, or Jimmy Carter, or Gerald Ford, or Richard Nixon, or Lyndon Johnson, or Dwight Eisenhower (Yes, I am that old).

Being a casual student of history, I can point to unwise moves every president made, from Washington to Jackson, from Lincoln to Roosevelt (both of them).  Even my favorite, Harry Truman, said and did things that don’t look very smart in hindsight.

But I had the chance to shake Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter’s hand.  I said “Thank you sir” to both.

No matter who is elected in November, whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump,  I will still respect the office.  Because whoever sits in that chair, they must lead us.

Not only will I respect the office, I will pray for them.  That’s what Jesus tells me to do.  And I will love them, whether they are my neighbors or my enemies.  Jesus covered both.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.


2 thoughts on “Respect the Office

  1. My Daddy taught me that lesson very early in life. I remember laughing at President George H.W. Bush got sick on some big deal guy in Japan. I have never seen my daddy madder at me in my life than he was that night. He sat me down and said That no matter what -if you voted for them, liked them, agreed with them or not – that was YOUR President and you gave him honor and respect.


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