Is Your Church Beautiful?

I remember walking into a First Baptist Church in a small southern city, and being awestruck at the beauty of the building.  The stain glass, the white pews, and the way the colors worked – they were inspiring.

The building was beautiful – but was the church beautiful?

Scripture tells us about the glory of God.  Glory is a word which has the idea of weight, honor, abundance, and something that is lovely.  It holds the idea of being overwhelmed.  What is beautiful about God is His grace, His love, His compassion, and His mercy.  When you think about who we are and who He is, His beauty carries weight.

If the church is truly the movement of Jesus, it carries His beauty, His glory.  People should point to Jesus’ church and say, “What a good God there must be for a group of people to come together and act like that.”  Churches are beautiful when they are people of grace, love, compassion, and mercy.

My prayer is for ever church to be beautiful.  I especially pray for the church I’m a part of to be beautiful.

If the building is nice, that’s okay too.



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