Wisdom Nuggets from the Global Leadership Summit


Last week, ADBC hosted the Global Leadership Summit, a simulcast event encouraging leaders.  We were one of 1,300 sites around the world.  Over 300 people registered here, making us the largest viewing site in South Carolina.  The great value of the Summit is gaining wisdom from seasoned leaders from around the world.  These were some of my “keepers:”

  • Bill Hybels:
    • “Passion comes from mountain tops of beautiful dreams or valleys of pain and struggle that create a desire to do something about it.”
    • “The whole pulse rate of an organization accelerates because it feeds off the passion of a leader.”
    • “Leadership is not about time; it is about energy.”
  • Jossey Chacko:
    • “Who is missing blessing if you don’t take risks?”
  • Patrick Lencioni:
    • “Three marks of the ideal team player:  They are humble, hungry, and smart.”
    • “True humility is to accept the truth about yourself.”
  • John Maxwell:
    • “Before you lead a person, you have to find the person.”
    • “Everything worthwhile is uphill all the way.”
    • “People have uphill hopes but have downhill habits.”
    • “Most people don’t lead their lives; they accept their lives.”
    • “Selfishness and significance are incompatible.”
  • T.D. Jakes:
    • “From one seed comes a forest.”
    • “Burnout is the frustration of not being challenged.”
    • “You must endure success to have success.”
    • “Let the haters educate you, but do not let them seduce you.”
    • “What will you leave behind to get where you need to go?”
    • “You must be intentional about love.”
  • Danielle Strickland:
    • “True peace is not the absence of peace but the presence of justice” – Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Horst Schultze:
    • “Leading people implies we are going somewhere.  So show them the destination.”


Ever so often, you need to pull aside, and think wisely about your life.  So be wise, and mark your calendars for the Global Leadership Summit for 2017, August 10-11.

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