Courage to Ask for the Tough

I’ve always liked Caleb in the Old Testament.  In the language of my people, he was a “character.”

He was courageous enough to stand with Joshua and against the ten cowardly spies to say “God is with us, let’s go to the Promised Land.”  He was validated by God and allowed to enter the Promised land, even though he had to wander in the desert for 40 years because of someone else’s bad choice.

After the big pieces of the land are conquered, its time for everyone to claim there spot.  Caleb goes to Joshua, his old companion, and he asks for a tough place, where the enemy is still active and has not yet been conquered.

You have to love this guy.  He is 85, but he isn’t ready to hang it up.  Give me Hebron, he said.  Give me the place where the sons of the giants live.  God is with me.  Give me the tough place.

Have  you built enough trust in God to ask for the tough place, knowing that He will be with you?  Will you claim the promise of God that it is possible to drive out the enemy?

Something you may not know about Caleb – his son-in law, Othniel, became the first leader of Israel after the conquest, when they needed someone to remind them to follow the Lord.  Judges 3 tells us that the Spirit of the LORD was upon him, and he conquered a tough enemy.

I wonder where he learned that from?

Maybe when you fight the tough battle, you set a legacy others will follow.

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