A Kingdom Greater Than Our Country…


When Secretary of State during the Reagan administration, George Shultz kept a large globe in his office. When newly appointed ambassadors had an interview with him and when ambassadors returning from their posts for their first visit with him were leaving his office, Shultz would test them. He would say, “You have to go over the globe and prove to me that you can identify your country.” They would go over, spin the globe, and put their finger on the country to which sent–unerringly.

When Shultz’s old friend and former Senate majority leader Mike Mansfield was appointed ambassador to Japan, even he was put to the test. This time, however, Ambassador Mansfield spun the globe and put his hand on the United States. He said: “That’s my country.”

On June 27, 1993, Shultz related this to Brian Lamb on C-Span’s “Booknotes.” Said the secretary: “I’ve told that story, subsequently, to all the ambassadors going out. ‘Never forget you’re over there in that country, but your country is the United States. You’re there to represent us. Take care of our interests and never forget it, and you’re representing the best country in the world.’ ”

As we approach July 4th, remember we may live in the greatest country in the world, but those of us who follow Jesus are citizens of a Kingdom that never ends.  We have been made into ambassadors for our King, to tell people that a different way of living exists.  All our fears and all that would destroy us has been destroyed by our King.

Here’s the funny thing:  we’ve never been to our Kingdom, to our true home.  That’s where faith comes in.  Blind faith is not required, for there are signs of the Kingdom coming all around us.  But faith is living out the sure hope that our King is preparing for us the greatest Kingdom of all.

Never forget, we are here in this country, at this point in time, to represent our King, to take care of His interests, to serve His Kingdom.

Celebrate the Fourth, but serve our Savior and King.

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