Six Simple Steps for Sharing Your Story

Six simple steps for sharing your story, how God is writing His story into your life:
1.  Remember it isn’t a formula, or a sales pitch.  It is a story.

2.  Pray for an opportunity to share your story each day: “God please give me an opportunity to share your story today.”  Let the Holy Spirit arrange the meetings.

3.  Listen first.  Everyone has a story.  You earn the right to share your story when you listen to other people’s story first.

4.  Wait for the moment.  People will ask what you believe.  They will ask about your story.  You might have to ask “Mind if I tell you my story?”   Have the courage to go through open doors.

5.  Tell your story.  Avoid the “weird” God stories.  Focus on life before Jesus, and how Jesus changed you.  Tell what life is like with Jesus now.  Maybe you are like me and your story isn’t very dramatic; that’s okay.  Don’t try to embellish it;  a quiet, confident story that is real has a greater impact that the story that seems too over the top.

6.  Remember the core of the gospel.  Do vs. Done:  Religion is about what we do; following Jesus is about Jesus has done for us.  Jesus built a bridge of grace across our sin so we are no longer separated from God.  God made the world; we messed it up; but Jesus comes to clean it up.

Here’s what I know:  Someone needs to hear your story.  Are you ready to share it?

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