High Impact Life…

Who lives a High Impact Life?

Does Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or the volunteer at the homeless shelter have more impact?

Does Kim Kardashian or Sandra Bullock or the preschool teacher have more impact?

Does Beyonce’ or Adele or the Dad who turns down a promotion so his kids can stay in a school they love have more impact?

Does President Obama or Speaker of the House Paul Ryan or the neighbor who brings you a meal when you are recovering from surgery have more impact?

Does Joel Osteen or John Hagee or the older Bible teacher who has taught the same group for forty years have more impact?

Does Stephen Curry or Lebron James or the little league coach who encourages ten years old have more impact?

Does Oprah or Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel or the Deacon who visits someone in the hospital have more impact?

Here is the unsatisfying answer:  Only God knows.

But with that in mind, it is wise to remember God is not particularly impressed with talent, wealth, fame, or power.  He knows all of those things are temporary tools people hold.  God invites us to weigh our lives on an eternal scale.

No matter how God answers the question about “Who has a high impact life?,” you can see the real truth.  If you have the gift of life, your life matters.  You can have impact.  God gave you time, gifts, and character so you can make an impact with your life.  What matters is not whether everyone in the world notices, but whether our Father in Heaven says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Never not share because you think your gift or your life couldn’t have impact.  Remember, only God knows the real impact people have.  He wants your life to count, and He will show you how to make an impact of good.

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