How a Mother’s Soul Works

How a Mother’s Soul Works:

  • She makes decisions for her life based not on what is best for her, but what is best for her children.
  • She thinks about her children – a lot.  Some people call this worry.  Maybe it’s better understood as circling the child to make sure she misses nothing.
  • She feels for her children.  There is something beyond love in the way a mother loves her children.  She will fight for them.  She will encourage them.  She will discipline them.  It rises out of a deep well of feeling words cannot describe.
  • She gives her body to her children.  Her children’s lives begin inside her.  She nourishes them.  She will push, go without sleep, and do whatever is required to give her children what they need.
  • She aches whenever the relationship with her children changes.  When they go from dependent babies to toddlers, from preschoolers to teenagers, from college student to being married themselves, she grieves when the relationship changes.  She knows her children still need her, but it is tough when the gears shift.

The most important thing for a Mom to remember about how her soul works?  It needs to be filled with Jesus.  He is the only one who can keep her soul filled.

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