Five Courageous Prayers to Pray

Five Courageous Prayers to Pray:

  1. “Lord, forgive the sins of this people; but if you don’t, then write me out of your plans.  I can’t lead an unforgiven people” – Moses, Exodus 32:32
  2. “Lord, I need wisdom to lead you people.  Give me knowledge to figure out right and wrong, because I can’t do this on my own” – Solomon, 1 Kings 3:9
  3. “Lord, are you asking for a volunteer?  Because if you are, then I volunteer.  Send me.” – Isaiah, Isaiah 6:8
  4. “Father, is there any way around this?  I know the plan, but I want to ask one more time if we can find another way that will work.  But not what I want, what you want.” – Jesus, Matthew 26:42
  5. “To the God who is in control – people are threatening us.  They don’t like Jesus so they don’t like us.  So give us more courage to speak up for you.  We didn’t sign for safe;  we committed to follow.” – The friends of John and Peter, Acts 4:29

Are you brave enough to pray any of these prayers?

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