Dennis Rainey tells the story of a missionary family home on furlough, staying at the lake house of a friend.

One day, Dad was messing around in the boathouse, Mom was in the kitchen, and the three children, ages four, seven, and twelve, were on the lawn.  Four year old Billy escaped his oldest sister’s watchful eye and wandered down to the wooden dock.  The shiny aluminum boat caught his eye.  He stepped toward it, but missed the boat, and fell into the eight-foot-deep water.

His oldest sister screamed.  This naturally brought Dad out of the boat house.  He quickly realized what had happened and dove into the murky lake.  Frantically, he felt for his son.   Nothing.  His lungs screamed for air.  He surfaced, and dove again.  His hands touched only liquid.  Again he broke into the air, gulped a breath, and dove.  Another fruitless search.

Time was running out.  He had no idea how much longer his son could survive under the water.  He dove again, kicked harder, went deeper.  Then his fingers touched flesh.  Billy was clinging to one of the piers of the dock.  His father pried his hands away from the wood, grasped Billy and kicked to the surface.

Once they both were safe, and breathing normally, Billy’s Dad asked him, “Billy, what were you doing down there?”

Billy, with classic four-year-old logic replied, “Just waitin’ on you Dad, just waitin’ on you.”

He knew his Father would come looking for him.  He trusted his Father’s priorities, his Father’s heart.

Do you trust your Heavenly Father’s priorities?  Do you trust your Heavenly Father’s heart?

When you pray, and you must wait for the answer, do you trust that your Heavenly Father is coming for you, at just the right moment, with exactly what you need?

Isn’t this what Isaiah 40:31 means?  “They who wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

To trust is to wait, but not be passive.  To trust is to wait, and to keep living.

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