Why You Really Want there to be a Judgment, Believe it or Not

Most people don’t want to be held accountable.  Yet most people want to hold other people accountable.  This is why people don’t like the idea of God judging us, yet they are perfectly comfortable judging someone who commits an act of terrorism.

The whole idea behind a judgment is our conduct really matters.  It matter how we live in this world, how we treat people, how we deal with the weak and powerless, and how we respond to our enemies – it really matters.

Innately we know this.  Otherwise we would not care about how others treat us or how we treat others.  All sense of fairness, of right and wrong would disappear.  Yet every culture has some standard of what is right, wrong, and fair.

Judgment means those who sin will be held accountable.  And that’s the catch, isn’t it?  I want you to be held accountable; but I don’t want to be held accountable.

For Jesus followers, judgment means that we are counting on the great grace of Jesus, who will step forward at our trial, as we plead “guilty,” and declare that he has paid the price for our sins.  On that day, you will know completely how deep the grace of Jesus is.

Which means the most important question for you and me is, “Are you ready for that day?”


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