Ten Reasons NOT to Give Generously to the Open Door Offering…

10 reasons for you NOT to give to the Open Door Offering:

  1. If you give even a dollar to the Open Door Offering, you will die of hunger.
  2. You feel ADBC should stick to taking care of our own members and not reach out across the world. After all, Jesus loves us, this we know.  Good luck to everyone else.
  3. You think people in Honduras and Haiti should find the gospel on their own; there is no need for us to send mission teams. And certainly none of the people who go on mission trips from ADBC really need that kind of mission experience to deepen their walk with Jesus.
  4. You don’t want to see ADBC go through doors God is opening for us to become a multisite church. You think everyone should just drive to 1305 Loring Mill Road, even if it means a long drive, with screaming children.  Or maybe they should just go to a sick, unhealthy church that will only tolerate them, not love them.
  5. Children in Corona, Queens, New York, in your opinion, don’t need to know they are loved by people from South Carolina who love Jesus. Let them grow up without Jesus and be at risk for a defeated life and an eternity away from God.
  6. As long as you and your children can get health care, that’s all that matters. For the kids in Honduras and Haiti, tough luck.  You should have been born in America.  No need to provide medicine, dental care, or doctor care.
  7. The chance to help start a church on Long Island and in the Bronx in New York doesn’t really excite you. If you cared too much, it might take you away from another YouTube cat video you need to watch.
  8. Over 70% of the people in Sumter County don’t attend church, not even on Christmas or Easter. You’re okay with that because if they did, you might have trouble finding a parking spot.  After all, if more people followed Jesus in Sumter County, it wouldn’t really make this a better place to live, would it?
  9. People who were helped by United Ministries during the flood ought to pay back all the help they received. That way United Ministries wouldn’t need any help from ADBC.  If their house flooded, it must have been their fault, right?
  10. For you, Operation Inasmuch is just a day when a bunch of do-gooders go out and try to do something so they feel better about themselves. No need to provide funds to help people and show people the love of Jesus.  If people need to see the love of Jesus, they can come anytime, right?

I never said these were good reasons.

What I do know is they sound ugly.  I wouldn’t want to be the person who said any of those things.  And I sure wouldn’t want to be married to anyone with this kind of attitude.  I hope none of my children ever think this way.

So maybe there aren’t really good reasons not to give to the Open Door Offering.  Maybe there is a really good reason to give to the Open Door Offering – so people around the world can take a next step toward Jesus.

We’ve received 52% of our goal of $255,000.  That means we need to receive 48% by June 30.  Pray.  Give.  Share the Light of Jesus around the world.

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