Six Things Jesus Wants Broken People to Know

Jesus wants broken people to know (Lessons from John 9):

  1. If you think you ain’t broke, you ain’t never gonna be fixed.  You are broken – really.  Don’t waste time trying to defend yourself or deny how broken you are.
  2. When Jesus starts to work in your life to heal your brokenness, chances are pretty good he is going to ask you to do something that feels foolish and uncomfortable – like the time he put mud on a blind man’s eyes and told him to go wash it off.  Bet he felt like a fool.  Bet he was glad he pushed passed that feeling. Your obedience matters.
  3. As Jesus starts the healing process, people will start arguing theology, with you as the case study.  Ignore them.
  4. Jesus’ healing may not take the path you want it to.  When your prayers aren’t answered the way you want, ask God to show you where He is at work (Romans 8:28).
  5. Jesus will invite you to believe Him, not just for what he can do for you, but for who he is.  He is the Son of man, the Messiah sent to judge the world, the one who gives an offer of healing that only the ones who know they are broken know they need.
  6. When you really believe in Jesus, you worship him.  Worshiping Him means you live life in His presence.

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