Five Reasons You Need to Talk to God About Money

Five reasons you need to talk to God about money:

  1. Ever seen the bumper sticker that says “I Owe, I Owe, so Off to Work I go?”  God doesn’t want you to be a slave to debt.
  2. Greed is a thirst in your soul that is never satisfied.  God wants you to be free from greed.
  3. Only God knows how long you will live.  Don’t you think it makes sense to talk to Him about how much you should save?
  4. Everything you buy in a store you will eventually consume, throw away, give away, lose, or sell.  It’s all temporary.  If you are going to live eternally, will that impact what you purchase?
  5. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, that’s where your heart will be.”  So what does your checkbook say about your heart?

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