Ten Irrecoverable Moments

Frank Page, CEO of the Southern Baptist Convention, spoke about irrecoverable moments – moments that never come our way again.  It made me think about about irrecoverable moments that only happen once:

  1. Your child’s first steps.
  2. Your last first kiss.
  3. The last time your mother calls your name.
  4. The conversation that wounded the relationship beyond healing.
  5. The moment to stop and help someone in Jesus’ name.
  6. The last time your daughter sits in your lap – without it being creepy.
  7. When you definitively and completely gave your life to Jesus.
  8. Your first moment driving a car by yourself.
  9. The first time your son beats you in a race.
  10. The last words you say.

Are you going to miss the moments?  Savor and seize each moment God gives you.

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