Pray, Give, Go

Every follower of Jesus is on a mission.  That mission has three components:

  • Pray.  Pray for God’s Kingdom to advance.  Pray for missionaries.  Pray for churches to grow.  Pray for generous givers to share resources.  Pray for people to share their story.  Pray for people to serve.
  • Give.  It takes resources to do a mission.  I think all of God’s people should give a tithe (10%) to the church they attend and they should give over and above that 10% an offering to missions.  At ADBC, we call it the Open Door Offering.  Other churches have different names, but most churches have some way of financially supporting missions.
  • Go.  God wants you to have a hands on mission experience.  It may be serving during Operation Inasmuch.  It may be volunteering at United Ministries.  It may be going a mission trip to Honduras, or Haiti, or New York.  God wants you to have your world expanded!

So Pray.  Give.  Go.

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