Sex and Your Soul

Sex has uniting quality because it involves every part of your soul.

Relationships – Sex impacts your relationship with God.  To reject His design is to say”Hey God, I know you want sex to be, but I think I’m smarter than you.”  Sex  impacts your relationship with others.  If you don’t care about a relationship, be honest enough to say,  “Hey, you are attractive, but I’m just interested in your body, not your soul. If this really good, maybe I’ll see if your soul interests me.” Doesn’t that sound like using people?

When sex is good – It bring out souls together. Brings us closer. Physical intimacy is probably the closest we get to understanding the power and joy of intimacy between Father, Son, and Spirit.

Body – Sex is an appetite. What happens if you satisfy every appetite?  Ever seen people come out of an “all you can eat buffet?  Do people look healthy/happy? Appetites become habits – the new normal. Then habit controls you.

When sex is good, the habits build you up. They grow your soul not destroy it.Healthy habits don’t hijack your brain, leaving you helpless.  Instead, they put God in control soyou are in control.

Mind –  your thoughts and feelings.  Because relationships get sexualized so rapidly, the sexual experience becomes the way we evaluate the relationship. If the physical feels right, then he/she must be the right person. Distorts how we think about that person and we are closed to wise counsel.

When sex is good in marriage, helps you think clearer. It changes your ideals of beauty and attractiveness.

Heart/Will – How you make decisions. – Paul said,  “Flee because sexual sin hurts you.  It is a sin against  your true self.” Isn’t that why we hide? Isn’t that why shame?

When sex is good there is no shame.  Instead there is a sense of romance and a  sense of joy.  No one wants to hear “I love you with most of my heart.” God designed your heart/will/mind to find its greatest satisfaction with one person and one God. Andy Stanley – “You can only be one with one.”

What happens when sex is soulful – it fills your soul, build you up, draws you close to each other and to God. Instead of burning your soul, it warms your relationship.

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