Five Reasons to Talk about S*x in Church

Five reasons to talk about sex in church:

  1. Believe or not, God designed human beings to have sex.  From the design of our bodies to the reality of procreation, sex testifies that God intended this to be part of our existence.  When Adam first saw Eve, his first response was something like “Yippee!”
  2. There is a whole book in the Bible that extols sex – the Song of Solomon.  It is passionate, graphic, and a celebration of a couple falling in love.  More than just an erotic poem, it reminds us that God understands how powerful sex is.  As Frederick Buechner said, “Sex is like nitroglycerin:  It can heal hearts or blow up bridges.”  The Song of Solomon helps us remember the power of sex is something best handled with the wisdom of God.
  3. Sex causes a lot of human pain and a lot of human sin.  Like most of God’s good gifts, we’ve taken something good and holy and used it to rebel against God.  Most people carry some sexual wounds from their past.  They need to know God’s healing grace counts for sex sins too.  Churches have been guilty of having two categories for sin:  sexual sins and every other kind of sin.  The consequences of sin are different, but sin is still missing the mark.  According to Colossians 3:5, sexual sin and greed are on the same list.  So we can’t confront the adulterer, or the porn addict, or the person who acts on same sex attraction without confronting the person who acts on the belief that more is better.
  4. Jesus didn’t talk about sex very much, but he sure showed a lot of grace toward a woman shacked up with someone (the woman at the well) and a woman caught in the act of adultery.  To anyone who has ever sinned sexually, Jesus would say, “I came not to the world to condemn you; but to save you. (John 3:17).”  Jesus is not interested in you beating yourself up for your past failures.  He wants to forgive you and break the power of your past.  When those old memories come up, let Jesus speak grace to them.  Messages of condemnation aren’t coming from Jesus, but from the Adversary.
  5. In our culture, sex sells.  Maybe that’s one more reason we need to talk about it in church – we’re not selling anything.   Whenever a culture sexually objectifies a person, one more step is taken away from recognizing everyone matters to God.  We are denying that people are souls.  Sex is so much more than a physical act.  This is the most important reason for us to talk about sex.  We are called to be that different voice in the culture. Our voice needs to say, “We see people as souls, not objects.  Sex is not just a physical drive.  Sex is about soul intimacy.”

We are giving the Good News away – humans are souls and Jesus wants to redeem their souls, so people can live the life He made them to have.

That’s why we need to talk about sex in church!

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