Random Super Bowl Thoughts

Before we say goodbye to football for the season, these parting thoughts:

  • Defense is essentially about disrupting what your opponent wants to do on offense.  This was definitely a game more dominated by defense – a battle Denver won hands down.  Which is a reminder that every organization needs dreamers and system builders.
  • John Elway learned the same lesson every offensive minded coach and general manager learns:  You can’t win championships with half a team.  You have to build a defense.
  • Nice to see Wade Phillips, the Denver Offensive Coordinator, notch a Super Bowl win.
  • Peyton Manning brings to the game the intangible of leadership.  His athleticism may have declined, but he makes everyone around him better.
  • Have made everyone better, retire Peyton!
  • Cam Newton is a good leader as well, but his poor handling of the post-game interview cost him.  Scary how much leadership capital you can throw away in one bad decision.
  • Gary Kubiak backed up John Elway.  Yet it was his love for the game that caused Elway to pick Gary as the coach.  Insight:  You may spend years in frustration preparing for something even better.
  • Half-time was just okay – didn’t blow me away.
  • The monkey, puppy, baby commercial was terrible.  Can’t even remember what it advertised.
  • Loved the sheep singing in the Toyota commercial.
  • Definitely agree some things should not be advertised during Super Bowl – like toe fungus.
  • Here is the basic rule about advertising – if I can’t remember the product, but only how the ad made me feel, the advertiser just blew a lot of money on nothing.
  • How long until the next season starts?

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