Turn On

Your soul has a big switch. You keep hoping for someone to turn it on.

The switch probably got turned on the first time when you were in early adolescence. Girls or boys stopped annoying you and became interesting. Somewhere along the line, you held hands with someone you liked for the first time, or received your first kiss, and that switch turned on.

The switch works a little different in boys and girls. For boys, it is more like the lighting of fireworks – “Wow! Cool!” For girls I’m told it is more like, “That was interesting. I’d like to explore this some more.”

For most of us our first kiss is not that last person we kiss. Something happens and the switch goes back and forth, and then finally turns off. We get the great “It’s not you, it’s me” speech. It hurts. A lot. We miss all the energy that flows through the switch.

When we experience the switch being thrown the first time, we want it to happen again, preferably with the right person. We hope someone will turn it on, forever.

Finally, we meet that special someone. With hopes and dreams we take the plunge and marry “the love of our lives.” The feeling is so powerful, so amazing, we want it to go on every day.

Problems start as other things enter our lives: jobs, kids, aging parents. They run past the switch and flip it off for us. Without knowing it, our souls echo that old song, “You’ve lost that loving feeling…” How do you keep the switch on? How do you keep that loving feeling? How do you stay in love?

Some basics: God made the switch in you. He knows exactly how it operates. He knows what flips your switch – and who flips it. And He knows what turns the switch off.

You would think we would run to our Father in Heaven and beg Him to teach us about the switch. But we don’t. It may be we think God will tell us to leave the switch alone, that it is too dangerous for us to play with. Or you may think God doesn’t understand that your feelings for that special boy or special girl have never been felt by anyone before. Or you may know you are short-circuiting the switch, trying to outsmart your soul.

But think with me – how much pain could you avoid if just asked God for some wisdom about the switch? How much unnecessary suffering could you eliminate for others if you understood how that switch impacted your soul? What would happen if just for season you said, “God, I’m not sure about this, but I’d like to see if you know more about my soul switch than I do?”

Turn On is a message series all about the switch in your soul. It will help you. Look forward to seeing you every Sunday/Monday for the next three weeks.

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