For or Against…

Has anyone besides me noticed the all the politicians taking stands against things?

I can’t escape the ads telling me Bernie is against Wall Street, Hillary is against Bernie, Marco is against Jeb, Ted is against immorality, Donald is against anyone who isn’t him, Ben is against Muslims, and everyone is against terrorists. It is a lot easier to against someone or something than to be for something.

People often think Jesus followers are against everything. Part of the problem is we get treated like a special interest group or a voting block by people who see everything through a political lens. The sad part is, some Jesus followers buy into this. I get regular emails and Facebook invitations telling me to take a stand against gays, Muslims, vegetarians, liberal agendas, and abortion. Two implications are in every communication: 1. If you take this stand with us, all the problems we face as a country will be fixed; 2. If you don’t take this stand with us, you are not a real follower of Jesus.

Do I think a time comes when you need to take a stand against something? Yes. But first, find out what you are for. If you are Jesus follower, you need to know what Jesus was for.

According to Matthew 5:3-12, Jesus was for:

  1. Being poor in spirit – which means you know the poverty of your soul.
  2. Mourning – being deeply grieved about your failures and lack of spiritual resources.
  3. Being meek – knowing your true position in the universe and knowing how much you need a Savior.
  4. Hungering and thirsting for righteousness – developing a deep longing for what is right (even if it means you don’t get elected).
  5. Being merciful – because you have been shown mercy, you have something to give someone else.
  6. Being pure in heart – matching your motives and actions to God’s Kingdom values.
  7. Being a peacemaker – not seeking to dominate, win, or triumph, but seeking reconciliation, relationship, and redemption.
  8. Being persecuted for doing the right things – because you have an allegiance to the Kingdom.

Jesus is for a sold out, surrendered, 100% bought in, on fire, submitted, relinquished, self-denying, Kingdom embracing, Spirit empowered, confident, inheritance wrapped, joy filled, love exuding life in Him.

It’s a better way to live.

Here’s what I guarantee. Politicians will be for and against things to gain your vote. Jesus is for you knowing Him so you can lose the world and gain your soul.

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