What Shame Does to Your Soul

What Shame does to your soul:

  • It makes you believe you are not good enough for anyone – even God – to love you.
  • It makes you believe you are not normal – no one deals with what you deal with.
  • It drives fear of being disconnected to others.
  • It wrecks your ability to make good decisions.
  • It clouds your feelings and thoughts.
  • It makes you compare your body to everyone else so you find out where you don’t measure up.
  • It causes you to wonder what everyone is really thinking about – so all your relationships are based on an elaborate game of trying to anticipate thoughts and feelings that aren’t really there.
  • It makes you susceptible to depression, bullying, and eating disorders.
  • It fuels your addictions.
  • It cause a slow death.
  • It leads you straight to hell.

So why would anyone choose to stay a prisoner of shame?  It feels familiar.  You can accept it as normal.

But shame is never what God wants for you.  Jesus came to forgive everything you’ve done that causes shame through his death on the cross and to break the power of shame through his resurrection.

You can choose his gift of grace or you can keep living the self-destructive narrative shame wants to write for you.

Don’t let shame write the ending of your story.  Let Jesus write the ending.

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