21 Signs You Have a Broken Soul …

How do you know if you are a broken person? According to Romans 1:29-30, here are twenty one signs you have a broken soul:

  1. You are obsessed with yourself, your problems, and your hurts. You don’t care about what is fair, just what is good for you.
  2. You are okay with harming people if it shows you are more powerful.
  3. You want more – more power, more stuff, more recognition. You don’t care if someone else suffers, as long as you have more.
  4. Whenever you face the choice of better or worse, you chose worse.
  5. You resent other people’s success.
  6. There is someone in your life you hate.
  7. Your need to win triumphs over having close relationships.
  8. All your decisions and actions have ulterior motives.
  9. You put the worst construction on everyone’s motives.
  10. You pull people aside to whisper destructive stories in their ears about someone else.
  11. You trumpet false stories that put people in the worst light – yes, even on Facebook.
  12. In your heart, you wish there wasn’t a God so all the rules and accountability would be eliminated, and you could do whatever you want.
  13. You are so proud, you believe you can defy authority.
  14. You have contempt for everyone but yourself.
  15. You pretend to have what you do not have so you can impress other people.
  16. You get tired of old rule breaking, so you come with new ways to be defiant.
  17. You reject authority.
  18. You never learn from experience. You keep making the same mistake over and over.
  19. You break agreements and promises.
  20. People you should love – your children, your parents, your spouse – you don’t.
  21. You show no mercy.

How many of these do you have to have before you acknowledge your soul is broken?


Your soul and my soul are broken, and we can’t fix them. We need a new soul, a new heart. That is the promise of Jesus – He has come to make all things new, even your broken soul.


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