Four Ways to Bring God’s Story to Your Story

Four ways to bring God’s Story to your story:

  1. Spend time in worship.  Be in awe of God.  Only then will you have perspective of your life.  Worship increases your trust in God.
  2. Look at your own story.  Have you constructed it correctly, or are you just doing flawed first draft?
  3. Bring your story to God.  Ask God to show you where He was work while your story was being written.
  4. Give your story to God.  Live your story by putting all of who you are into all of who He is.  Everyday, ask Him, “How will we write the story of this day?”

One thought on “Four Ways to Bring God’s Story to Your Story

  1. Part of a life lived with the attribute of wholesomeness, must surely involve the acknowledgment of one’s own existence in relation to the reality of other’s. Acknowledging others opens ways of ending one’s selfishness. How though must one seek the interest in others? Isn’t timidity often times what keeps us away from our neighbor? There are forms of relationalism : There’s the sight, the physical touch and sound… Seeing might be the easy part in the effort of relating.. “Touching? That’s a hand-shake, for example… What of sound though?” That’s the voice put forth, spoken out into the world at large. Yes. We contact others through molecules; the sounds connecting one- another, from at a distance at first. Was it not the Holy Scriptures saying, “I am the I am?” Was this not ( `The `Story? ), of how our God began relating? To? Us? For `He has reached our inner most selves through the very still soft voice. Our `God, our `Creator, has humbled `His Royal Magnificence, using the mere sound of `His own created humanity. For `God shares `His stories. This `He does in such humble fashion, as if not to become obtrusive towards us in `His awesomness.. .
    “Oh but that we would learn in reaching others as `He has?” May your life’s stories become proclaimed without all hindrances! “Listen… Listen for the sounds which others may speak. Be still. Be quiet.. Hear… Then you may know what to say of your story. Touch the inner most parts of your fellow humanity with voice sounds. Then you may have fellowship. In- Christ- john


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