I remember it like it was yesterday.  Ron Lewis was preaching in the old worship center on Miller Road.  He asked, “What is the universal sign of surrender?”

Considering the large percentage of our church who served in the military, most people knew the answer.  But probably because no military person wanted to confess they knew the sign for surrender, no one spoke.

When no answer was forthcoming, Ron looked at us, and then raised both hands high above his head.  “This,” he said, “Is the universal sign of surrender.  The question is, will you surrender to God?”

This is the part I will never forget, Ron’s next statement.  “God is looking in each town and each city for one church, one group of Jesus followers, to hold up their hands and say, ‘Father, what ever you want for your church, we surrender.  Our answer is ‘yes.’  You do with us whatever you want.'”

I never forgotten that.  What I remember is my heart leaping forward and saying, “Yes.  I want Alice Drive to be that church, that church that is surrendered totally to God and for God to use us in whatever way He wills.”

Do you want to be a church that is surrendered?

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