Would You Leave?

Imagine living in the White House.  Not being president, just being able to live in one of the grandest houses that exists.

There are butlers to wake you up and bring you breakfast.  Maids make your bed and clean your room.  Need a ride?  No problem, the Transportation Office can fix you up.

The meals are to die for.   The staff is known to indulge guests with their favorite chocolates and drinks.  Get hungry in the middle of the night?  Not a problem;  someone is always on duty, just in case.

You can sleep soundly, knowing you are in the one of the safest places in the United States.  Secret Service people are posted in the halls, policeman man the fences, and there are unseen missiles and technologies protecting you.

Want to watch movie?  Check out the movie theater downstairs.  Swim?  No problem, the pool is just outside, next to the tennis courts and the basketball court.  Want to walk in a garden?  There are sixteen acres of grounds to stroll in.

Sounds pretty good.  More than a few residents of the White House have had trouble adjusting to the outside.

So imagine volunteering to leave the White House, not to live in some upscale mansion, but to live in a homeless shelter.  Imagine going from the White House kitchen to the soup kitchen.  Imagine going from having the ultimate turn down service to being turned down for jobs, living space, and help.

Just take that little trip of imagination – and now you know just a small piece of what it was like for Jesus to leave heaven and come to earth.

Why would he do it?  There’s a simple answer:  He loves you.

One thought on “Would You Leave?

  1. And…because of what He did, I am able to try, or at least attempt, to imagine what it will be like to leave here and live in the mansion he has waiting!


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