Five Things Giving Does to Change Your Soul

Five Things Giving Does to Change Your Soul:

  1.  Giving attacks your self centeredness.  It forces you to consider another person’s needs and feelings.
  2. Giving attacks your addictions.  Addictions, whether to porn, alcohol, food, drugs, work, anger or whatever cause you to focus on yourself. Giving turns you away from your appetites to look at a bigger picture of the world.
  3. Giving systematically makes you focus on cash flow and thus turns you away from debt.  American families are drowning in debt.  Debt produces anxiety, conflict, and unrealistic expectations.
  4. Giving liberates you from the status quest.   Giving will help you consider if it really matters if the purse has a label, or if the car is symbol of status or transportation.
  5. Giving makes room for something better.  When we give, we make room for God to bring greater blessings into our lives.

So what are you waiting for?

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