Six tips on Fasting

Six Guidelines for Fasting

  1. Prepare your mind. Before you begin, think about why you want to fast.  Ask God to help you.  Pray that every rumble is reminder to focus on our Father.
  2. Drink water throughout the fast.
  3. Go easy. Gentle exercise, such as walking, is good, but don’t overexert yourself.
  4. Determine the length.  A set amount of time will help you know there is a finish line.
  5. Pray. Fasting and prayer are linked throughout the Bible. Whenever we fast, we are admonished to pray, which facilitates our spiritual growth and renewal.
  6. Don’t brag about fasting.  It is between you and the Father.
  7. Break the fast smart. Small meals, easily digestible.

– adapted from Charisma magazine

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