Three Reasons Not to Center Your Life on Yourself

Three reasons not to center your life on yourself:

  1.  You can’t stand the weight.  Your own strength is strong enough to carry the load.  Your own wisdom has blind spots.  Your own perspective isn’t broad enough to give you an accurate view.  People who try to carry the load themselves usually self-destruct because they think they can carry more than they can OR because they over estimate their capacity.
  2. You wind up being a slave to your own shortcomings and faults.  We all have flaws.  If you center your life on yourself, you wind up thinking your problems are bigger than anyone else.  Your sins get outlandishly magnified, so you think you are the only one who has ever sinned like you have sinned.  You project your distortions onto others and think they think you are worthless.
  3. You wind up being boring.  You life is all about the quest for more.  You think more money, more stuff, more success, will finally bring you the peace your soul needs.  Instead, you climb on a hamster wheel of trying to satisfy an out of control soul.

So save yourself some heartache – center your life on Jesus.  He can bear the weight.  He forgives your sins.  He helps you live an interesting life.

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