Halloween is What You Make It

Every year someone who claims faith in Jesus will say something like “Christians shouldn’t celebrate Halloween.  It’s a pagan holiday.”  I wish people would stop and think before they say something like this.

In Jesus’ day, there were lots of pagan holidays to honor Roman gods and emperors.  There is no evidence Jesus ever threw a party on such an occasion, but I’ll bet if he were working on a Roman building job and they told him to take the day off, he took it.  Here’s the significant thing:  Jesus never said that if you want to follow him, stay at home during the pagan holidays.

If celebrating Halloween means you will give your soul to the devil for one night, that’s not a good idea.  If Halloween is your excuse for being a glutton and pigging out on candy, that’s not such a good idea either.  If you want to get drunk and party, I pretty sure Jesus would tell you that’s not good for you..

On the other hand, if your children want to dress up and say “Trick or Treat,” i don’t think that’s a sin.  If you are an adult and want to have a Halloween Party, I don’t think that’s a sin either.  If you want to go “Scream Acres,” so you can get your heart rate up, go ahead.  But if you want to see something really scary, I’ll show you my check book.

I think Jesus followers lose a lot of credibility by majoring on minors.  There is a lot in this world that needs the touch of Jesus.  If celebrating Halloween causes you to sin by acting in a non-Jesus way, don’t.  Recognize others may not be impacted the way you are.  Let’s keep the main thing the main thing – helping as many people as possible take their next step toward Jesus.

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