Don’t Google Submission

I Googled the word “Submission” this week.  Let me save you both some time and some temptation.  The first two entries had were definitions from online dictionaries.  Then came the suggested images.  I have my search setting set on safe, but apparently what I think of as “safe” and what Google thinks is “safe” are two different things.

In our culture, submission has been twisted beyond recognition.  “Fifty Shades of Grey” has turned the meaning of this word into something exploitative.  So naturally when we hear it in used in a religious context, our mind goes “Really?”

The truth is, submission is required in every relationship.  I first learn submission from my mother – I learned I wasn’t in charge.  Then I learned submission in kindergarten; except there it was called “sharing.”   Marriage has taught me more about submission than any other relationship.  To be married successfully, I have to give up the privilege of having the last word and the false notion that I am right all time.  As a parent, I learned to submit to the cries of my children telling me they were hungry, or wet, or had just had an accident with their cars.  No wonder God asks us to submit to Him.

Submission involves trust.  We are trusting the other person wants good for us.  Ultimately submission is a test of faith:  do you believe God’s will for your life is best path for your life?

Maybe submission is something more important than even Google knows.

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