Are You Okay?

“Are You Okay?” was the most common question asked this past week in Sumter, Clarendon, and Lee Counties of South Carolina.  People were not asking casually;  they really were concerned about one another.  The most common responses:

  • “We’re Fine.”  This might be better understood as “We are fine right now.”  In the moment we can shift into overdrive, powered by adrenaline and caffeine.  The emotional impact of what we went through can come later.  That’s okay, just don’t be surprised by it.
  • “We stayed high and dry.”  But even folks who suffered no damage may feel a bit disoriented.  It’s strange knowing your house is okay and your neighbors lost everything.  Remember to be compassionate.
  • “I’m overwhelmed.”  You may feel overwhelmed not because of the flood, but because it triggered memories from the past – of hurricanes, battles, and losses.  That’s okay too.  It’s a sign you have emotions that have been locked down and need to be let out.
  • “I had a close call.”  Maybe you drove through water deeper than you thought or you were rescued by a boat from your flooded house.  You had a reminder that you aren’t in control.

No matter how you answered the question this past week, remember this:  “The LORD is your shepherd…”  Let Jesus guide you as you think about all that has happened to you.

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