Five Things I Hate about Being Sick…

I’ve been sick the last couple of days.  Nothing major, just a severe head cold.  When I cough, it feels like I have vise around my head.  Here are five things I hate about being sick:

  1. You just don’t feel like doing anything.  You can only look at so many YouTube videos of Epic Wins/Fails before your brain rots.
  2. Someone else – like your wife – has to do things you are supposed to do.  I hate feeling dependent.
  3. You hurt, you take medicine, and then you are not better right away.  Whatever happened to miracle drugs and instant cures?
  4. You think about everything you are not doing that still has to be done.  When will you catch up?
  5. It reminds me I am weak and limited.  Maybe that’s the biggest reason I hate being sick.  I remember how much I need God, because I am soul sick.  His grace is my only medicine.

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