The Four other Sermons I could have preached Sunday/Monday

Mark 2:1-12 (the story of the paralytic and his forgiveness/healing) is one of my favorite passages.  It is is so rich!  I preached Sunday/Monday about the forgiveness Jesus gives (Listen here:  But there are least four other sermons that could be preached from the passage:

  1. The sermon about the Friends who bring the man to Jesus.  That’s what true friends do.  They bring people to Jesus.  They don’t try to do Jesus’ work.  They know Jesus has the answers. Are you bringing people to Jesus?
  2. The sermon about the paralyzed man.  That’s a message about the consequences of sin and the shame we live with.  Anybody live with the shame of sin?  That’s why you need forgiveness.
  3. The sermon about the Religious leaders.  They want to debate what Jesus/God can and can’t do.  As a result, they miss humanity’s deepest need.  Ever spend so much time debating what God can do you forget what He has done?
  4. The sermon about the crowd.  They would rather listen to Jesus than make way for people who need Jesus to get to him.  Didn’t it dawn on anyone they need to step out so the crippled man could get to Jesus?  Ever get in the way of people getting to Jesus?

Don’t you wish all my sermons were this short?

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